Hammerhead 2022 Show Report

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Hammerhead 2022 Show Report

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After two attempts to stage Hammerhead in 2021 between variant outbreaks of Covid, Hammerhead was finally good to go on the 5th of March with all Covid restrictions removed in England. And, as a number of attendees have already stated on the web there was a definite and most welcome feeling of ‘normality’ about the whole day. This was obviously tempered by the fact that Europe was once again at war with itself and our deeper thoughts were in sympathy with the people of Ukraine.

The attendance was the highest ever, which was partly due I’m sure to the cancellation of Salute in April and other major UK shows until late May I think. The total wrist band count which includes all traders, game presenters and visitors was 1719, plus Sally, Chris and a few other members of the Kerrison clan, including myself who remained un-banded!

The 65 public participation games were, and always will be, the most important feature of the show. To all the people who came along and presented such a diverse collection of excellent games I would like to say a very sincere thank you. Your efforts were truly appreciated and there was certainly something for everyone with a wide range of miniature scales and genres. I echo the observations of others when I say that in terms of ease of public participation and sheer playability and enjoyment, this was probably the best set of games presented at any Hammerhead. It is this aspect that has made Hammerhead the ‘stay all day’ show rather just a shopping trip!

The presentation games receiving awards this year were:
1) Best Visually Appealing Game: The Last Stand of George Thomas - The Boondock Sayntes
2) Best Constructed Participation Game: Strength and Honour - Aquae Sextiae 102BC - Solent Wargames Club
3) Overall Best Game: Zombie Glory - The Glory Boys

Hammerhead once again hosted the Wargames Illustrated painting competition which had 101entries, 30 more than in 2020 and the DBA Northern Cup competition located in the Gamers Lounge.

There were 52 out of the 55 traders listed in the show guide. Three had to cancel at the last minute due to personal circumstances. Many traders reported that they had had a really good day which is understandable with such a high attendance. £225 worth of Prize Draw vouchers were exchanged for cash as a little extra bonus for the traders.

I think that setting the maximum number of Hammerhead traders at 60 and the number of games at about 70 has proved to be the correct policy for a show of this size. This gives a good trader/game balance and plenty of choice of games and products for all. For 2022, because of Covid concerns we reduced the maximum number of traders and games slightly to guarantee plenty of space within the 3900 square metres available across the two halls which seemed to work well.

Thanks again to the Forest Outlaws Wargames Club for all their help with build-up, knock down, participation games, car parking etc. and to the very helpful staff at Newark Showground.

As we look forward to next years’ show, let us all hope that by March next year the world and especially Europe is a more peaceful place.
Sally, would like to thank everyone for their continued support in making Hammerhead ‘a celebration of the hobby.’

Report written by Paul K.
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