Hammerhead report 2020

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Hammerhead report 2020

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Having watched and listened to what seemed like every Corona-19 virus filled news bulletin for three weeks, on Thursday, as the government undecidedly dithered, following the government guidelines we decided Hammerhead was ‘good to go.’ And, thanks to the support of the Forest Outlaws, traders, game presenters and the staff of Newark Showground, Hammerhead 2020 happened!

During the set-up day on Friday, with Sally making last minute adjustments to the table layouts in response to late game cancellations, checking positions for mobile hand washing stations etc., I did wonder just how many people would turn-up on Hammerhead Saturday! It was therefore a great relief to see a huge convoy of cars streaming into Newark Showground from 9.30 onwards. And they just kept coming! The attendance by wristband count was 1287. Although this was 221 less than for Hammerhead 2019’s 1508, under these highly unusual circumstances we were very pleased and relieved by this attendance figure.

The game presenters, traders and visitors, all brought an incredibly positive ‘carry on regardless’ atmosphere to the show and came determined to have a great day. A very heart-felt and sincere thank you to you all.

The Wargames Illustrated painting competition was flooded with entries, the DBA Northern Cup competition took place and the table-top sales area was buzzing all day. I counted 53 participation games on the day of the show which was only 11 less than were booked-in six weeks earlier. Again quite remarkable under the circumstances.

The dozen or so game judges, a number of which I recruited at the York show in February, chose the following games for trophies:

Best Constructed Participation Game: Sedgemoor by Moonlight presented by Prince Ruperts Bluecoat Regiment.
Best Visually Appealing Game: Isandlawana presented Reveille Studios
Best Overall Game: Poldark presented by TAD Gamers

All the games were splendid and although its perhaps wrong to single out any particular game, I feel that I have to mention the Boondock Sayntes game, ‘The Storm of Aligarh and The Fall Of Baji Rao 1803.’ This splendid game came second in both ‘Best Visual Game’ and ‘Best Overall Game’ categories by just one vote and achieved more ticks across all three categories than any other game at Hammerhead 2020.

£225 in ‘Letters of Marque’/vouchers were again given out through the gamers prize draw and the game presenters draw. The traders receiving these exchanged them for cash at the entrance desks.

A massive thank you to the Forest Outlaws for all their hard work with build-up, knock-down, car parking, as well as running participation games. Also, to the staff of Newark Showground who implemented and maintained an intensive cleaning regime throughout the day in line with the current guidelines.

At the time of writing there is every indication that Hammerhead 2020 will be the last wargame show for a number of months as we all adapt our lifestyles in response to the spread of the Corona 19 virus. Our thoughts are with other show organisers with difficult decisions to make – it’s not an easy challenge to navigate.

Sally, despite all the stress associated with the delivery of this years show, is absolutely committed to working hard to make Hammerhead 2021 the biggest and best Hammerhead yet. And, this will only be possible with your continued excellent support. Thanks again to everyone.

Hammerhead 2021 is on the 6th March – put the date on your calendar!

EDIT: New Date for Hammerhead 2021 is Saturday 31st July come along and join us!

The Hammerhead 2020 YouTube photo collection has been uploaded and can be found here:


Kind regards

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