Hammerhead Show Report 2019

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Hammerhead Show Report 2019

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A very sincere thank-you to all game presenters, traders and visiting gamers for helping to make Hammerhead 2019 a ‘celebration of the hobby.’ Over the last few days we have received lots of very positive feedback from gamers and traders. A number have mentioned that the show had a very positive atmosphere, and the credit for this must go to the cubs, groups and individuals who presented and ran the many and varied public participation games. When visiting gamers approach any game at Hammerhead and know that they are very welcome to play and freely engage with other gamers, this creates a great atmosphere.

The total number of visitors, game presenters and traders in attendance was 1508 by wrist-band count. This was fractionally lower than last years’ highest ever total of 1536, however we did have a few last-minute game cancellations through personal and family illness - there was a flue bug doing the rounds!

This was the second year for the Wargames Illustrated painting competition which attracted 81 entries and the DBA Northern Cup was again held in the carpeted luxury of the Gamers lounge, with good food and drink on tap!

The Hammerhead table-top sales is now firmly established on the wargames calendar as a great place to buy second-hand wargame goodies. With the sellers and goods on offer changing every hour this was a hive of activity throughout the day.

The 60 plus public participation games presented this year were simply splendid! The standard of modelling and painting was very high along with the degree of creativity and imagination evident in all the games. The pleasure given to visiting gamers in being able to sit at any table and feel welcome to roll some dice is what Hammerhead Show is all about. It is the ‘playability’ of the games and activities which has made it ‘the stay all day’ show. There were a good number of young gamers in attendance which holds well for the future of the hobby.

Game trophies were presented for the following categories:

1) Best Visually Appealing Game : Blitzkrieg Panzer Battles - Blitzkrieg Miniatures
2) Best Constructed Participation Game: 7TV Apocolypse - Harrogate Wargames Club
3) Best Overall game: The Assault on Hoth and Evacuation of Echo Base - Dan Hodgson

The winners of each category received a unique Hammerhead 2019 trophy and the Overall Best Game winner is added to the Hammerhead Shield.
£225 in ‘letters of Marque’ or vouchers, were again given out through the gamers prize draw and the game presenters draw. The traders receiving these exchanged them for cash at the entrance desks.

Thanks once again for all the hard work and effort made by the members of The Forest Outlaws wargames club with the build-up, knock-down, presenting participation games, car parking etc. which made the whole day run smoothly. Thanks also to the staff at Newark Showground.

We have already started to make lists of possible improvements and additions in preparation for Hammerhead 2020. Many thanks for all the positive comments and feedback especially about the ‘effective policing’ of disabled parking areas. With 3,900 square metres of space available in the two halls we can ensure that there is plenty of space for disabled visitors between gaming tables and in front of trade stands.

Sally has already been contacted by a number of clubs and groups wanting to book their participation games into Hammerhead 2020! We feel that this reflects the enthusiasm and positive support for the show. A very BIG thank you to one all!

Due to 2020 being a leap year, Hammerhead has had to move to the middle of the month and will be held on Saturday 14th March 2020. So please put the date in your calendar!

The Hammerhead 2019 YouTube collection has been uploaded and can be found here.


Kind regards

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